UT Arlington Math Competition

Third Annual UT Arlington Math Competition

Date: TBA

Room: TBA

The University of Texas at Arlington

Who Participates?
Both middle-school and high-school students are welcome to participate in the competition. There is no registration fee and no pre-registration is required. There will be on-site registration. If you wish to attend the competition, please plan to arrive around 8:30 am in PKH, UT Arlington. Campus maps are available at http://www.uta.edu/maps/

What is the UT Arlington Math Competition?
The competition will contain two parts: one part with about 20 multiple-choice problems, and another part containing one essay-type problem. Calculators will not be allowed. The multiple-choice problems will be at a level compatible to the American Mathematical Contest 10 (AMC 10), while the essay-type problem will be a bit more challenging. The competition will take 180 minutes. A few sample problems are provided below.

Which of the following numbers is a perfect square?
(A) 98!99! (B) 98! 100! (C) 99! 100! (D) 99!101! (E) 101!101!

A square has sides of length 10, and a circle centered at one of its vertices has radius 10. What is the area of the union of the regions enclosed by the square and the circle?

A game is played with tokens according to the following rule. In each round, the player with the most tokens gives one token to each of the other players and also places one token in the discard pile. The game ends when some player runs out of tokens. Players A, B, and C start with 15, 14, and 13 tokens, respectively. How many rounds will there be in the game?


The student with the highest score on the UT Arlington Math Competition will be awarded a $100 gift card. The top five contestants will be awarded medals and trophies.


The winners of the First Annual UT Arlington Math Competition are Benedikt Kroll of the Oakridge School in Arlington and Dominic Yurk of Paschal High School tying for first place. Will Linz of Holy Trinity Catholic High School placed third, while Gabriel Earle of North Hills was fourth and Ryan Jones of St. Ignatius College Preparatory School was fifth.

2 responses to “UT Arlington Math Competition

  1. Lawrence

    When will the competition be held?

  2. Dimitar Grantcharov

    Thanks for the interest. Unfortunately, we will not have a competiition this year, Hopefully we will have one in 2019.

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