Spring 2014

The first math circle meeting for Spring 2014 was held on January 23 (Thursday) at 7 pm in PKH 305. The speaker was Professor Cornelius Pillen from University of South Alabama. Dr. Pillen is a co-organizer of the Mobile Math Circle and talked on “Euclid’s Spider and the Fly”.

Earlier in December, we had a riveting session on Cryptology with an introduction to Public Key Encryption and the RSA algorithm. The speaker was Dr. Michaela Vancliff and the talk was Cryptology

Starting February, the Mid-Cities Math Circle met every first and third Tuesday from 7 pm in Upper School Room 106 of the Oakridge School, Arlington, TX. The math circle leader for Spring 2014 was Mr. John Cocharo.

As usual, our mathcircle is intended for high-school and advanced middle-school students. Teachers are welcome to the meetings as well. The webpage of our math circle is midcitiesmathcircle.org and the facebook page is http://www.facebook.com/MidCitiesMathCircle. Many thanks to Mr. Anupam Vachaspati for helping us with our website.

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